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Working Togetherto help shape your future
Increaseyour productivity and growth
Our team will lead you to success
Our guidance is the key to your future
Our turnkey recruitment approach will help ensure placement of top-calibre candidates for your company's success. We know that by placing your trust in a partnering relationship with us, you will minimize the risks inherent in recruitment. We are wholly committed to offering service levels of the highest standard, which will have long - term benefits for both you and us.
Training & Facilitation
Montsonyana Staffing Services provides effective and accredited training solutions through customized education and training programmes. Equipping employees to become more efficient thus resulting in a highly productive work force.
Selecting and placing the candidate is the result of our service and endeavors but our actual offering is ultimately:
  • Using our knowledge and expertise of the market to source the best possible resource for our clients.
  • Minimizing the impact, frustrations, challenges, time and money spent in acquiring and hiring a new employee.
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    About Our Company

    Our core business is to provide recruitment services to both private and public sector clients and candidates.

    We provide a full turnkey approach from facilitation of recruitment, selection and posting of job adverts, response handling until successful staff placement.


    Recruitment Industries

    • Banking, Insurance and Finance
    • Aviation
    • Hospitality and Gaming
    • IT and Telecommunications
    • Engineering and Technical
    • Advertising and Media
    • Sales and Marketing
    • FMCG & Retail
    • Freight, Logistics and Warehousing
    • Parastatals & Training
    • General Workers
    • Call Centre and Office Support

    Welcome to Montsonyana Staffing Services

    Montsonyana Staffing Services was established in 1998 and started full scale operations in March 2000.

    The company was initially started by 11 ladies who studied at the same university. The company name signified the first letter of each lady's name. However, establishing an empowerment company with virtually no instrastructure had its major challenges which unfortunately only left 2 founder members. Ms Ola Selepe is currentlly the MD of the company.

    Our Services

    We provide a full range of recruitment services:

    • Facilitation of recruitment
    • Selection and posting of job adverts
    • Response handling until successful staff placement


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