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Empowering the mind through our Learning Programmes

"At Montsonyana Staffing Services we realize that quality, staff success and the related staff development are fundamental to the quality and success of the organization as a whole".

Our mission therefore is to provide effective and accredited training solutions through customized education and training programmes. Equipping employees to become more efficient therefore resulting in a highly productive work force.

Montsonyana Staffing Services strives to facilitate access to education, training and development, that empowers employees to identify the core business objectives, the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and the role they play to be efficiently productive within the organization.

Training & Facilities

Training is delivered on/off site and workshop style; off-site training allows the employee to be free from the day to day pressures of work, to allow them to pay full attention to the training on the day.

With our training facilities well set up for the smooth flow of training. The employees are guaranteed an effective and stress free training processes, being given individual attention.

Training Process & Approach

  • Upload of learner details
  • Verification of learner information and results
  • Issuing of Statement of Results
  • Issuing of Learner Certificates
  • Storage of learner records for 5 years

Work Readiness Solutions

Work readiness skills are an important stepping stone along the path to successful transition, even though the youth must also obtain the occupational skills and knowledge needed for a specific job.

There is definitely a need for skilled workforce in South. We recognize that the youth and graduates are ambitious, often at the forefront of change, growth and continue to thrive in our country. However without the work readiness skills take long to contribute to the company's goal and mission.

Montsonyana Staffing Service ensures that work readiness skills bridging program is the first step in preparing youth and graduates for success in high demand, high wage, high skill jobs and careers. Our solution is tailor made to form part of your current skills program i.e. internship, learnership, graduate program etc.

Our Learning Programmes

The Learning Programmes provided stimulate a responsible and mature mindset as well as soft skills amongst employees participating in the Personal Development Training Programme.

The programme creates an opportunity for employees to acquire practical hands on skills to lead responsible lives in the workplace as they develop their careers.

1. Administrative Support
3. Anger Management
5. Assertiveness & Self Confidence
7. Budgets and Financial Reports
9. Business Ethics
11. Business Etiquette
13. Business Succession Planning
15. Business Writing
17. Call Center Training
19. Change Management
21. Civility in the Workplace
23. Coaching and Mentoring
25. Communication Strategies
27. Conflict Resolution
29. Creative Problem Solving
31. Critical Thinking
33. Customer Service
35. Delivering Constructive Criticism
37. Emotional Intelligence
39. Employee Motivation
2. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
4. Interpersonal Skills
6. Job Readiness
8. Leadership and Influence Skills
10. Negotiation Skills
12. Office Politics for Managers
14. Organisational Skills
16 Overcoming Sales Objections
18. Performance Management
20. Personal Productivity
22. Presentation Skills
24. Safety in the Workplace
26. Sales Fundamentals
28. Stress Management
30. Supervising Others
32. Teamwork and Team Building
34. Time Management Workshop
36. Work-Life Balance
38. Workplace Diversity
40. Workplace Harassment